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set of 4 ciklo "special colors"


set of 4 ciklo "special colors"

Why is ciklo amazing?
  • 99% GHG less
  • 1,5x more writing
  • locally made in Canada
  • post-consumer recycled material
  • recyclable
  • 9 local businesses
  • 2 social reinsertion companies
  • 1 family-owned company
  • 1 B Corp certified company
  • 1 woman-owned company
  • 1% donated to Team for the planet
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1 turquoise with turquoise ink 1 lilac with lilac ink 1 pailettes with pink ink1 fluorescent with light green ink

Enjoy a quality and 1.5x longer writing experience thanks to its high-performance cartridge. Result of Ciklo R&D, its intelligent design combines aesthetics and eco-responsibility by reducing the number of parts during its production and optimizing the use of the recycled plastic used.
During its production, this pen was placed in the hands of nine local companies including two social reintegration companies, a cooperative, a women-owned business, a family business and a certified B Corp company.
To ensure the recycling of your ciklo pen, you can drop it off with our partners, or in the recycling bins using the following procedure.

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99% less GHG

reinvent the way you write


✅ Design optimizing the use of material
✅ Locally made
✅ 1.5X more writing
✅ Fewer parts


❌ Origin unknown
❌ Heavy transport in GHG
❌ Different non-recycled materials
❌ Made up of many parts

Frequently asked questions

Why use plastic rather than another material?

The ciklo is the result of a process of ideation and research for more than three years. Initially, the ciklo was to be the first compostable pen entirely manufactured in Quebec. However, we realized that making a compostable pen was a bad idea for three main reasons:

  • the composting system in Quebec is not made to receive biosourced plastic
  • the material resulting from the decomposition of bio-sourced plastic adds no value to the compost and could even contaminate it
  • Composting systems vary from city to city and do not accept all this type of material1.

Currently the best solution is to use plastic to make the closed loop ciklo

How and where is ciklo made?

The ciklo is entirely made in Quebec. The raw material, polypropylene (PP), comes from the recycling of products consumed and placed in the recycling bin of Quebecers. Once the PP is recycled, it is sent to our manufacturer in Beauce. The pen envelope is then taken in Quebec where it is personalized and assembled. It is then sent to our offices in Montreal to carry out a final quality control before sending it to you! Thus, the manufacturing of the ciklo involves 9 companies including 2 social reintegration companies, 1 female-owned company, 1 cooperative, 1 B Corp certified company and a family business.

What differentiates the ciklo from its competitors?

The ciklo is the first locally manufactured recycled and recyclable pen. This reduces GHG emissions by 80% compared to a pen imported from Asia6. It has been eco-designed to reduce its environmental impact: the ciklo uses materials that have a limited impact, it is made up of fewer parts than a conventional pen and is also lighter. In addition, the ciklo was developed in a circular economy logic: all the material used to manufacture it comes from Quebec recycling bins, and, at the end of its life, is once again made available to Quebec plastics manufacturers. We have made sure that the ciklo is recycled at the end of its life unlike other alternatives, thanks to the implementation of our collection program developed in collaboration with MultiRecycle.

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