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1.5x more writing and 99% less GHG 🌱
discover the blue ciklo

discover the blue ciklo

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frequently asked Questions

Why use plastic rather than another material?

The ciklo is the result of a process of ideation and research for more than three years. Initially, the ciklo was to be the first compostable pen entirely manufactured in Quebec. However, we realized that making a compostable pen was a bad idea for three main reasons... read more

How and where is ciklo made?

The ciklo is entirely made in Quebec. The raw material, polypropylene (PP), comes from the recycling of products consumed and placed in the recycling bin of Quebecers. Once the PP is recycled, it is sent to our manufacturer in Beauce. The pen envelope is then taken care of in Chaudière-Appa... read more

What differentiates the ciklo from its competitors

The ciklo is the first recycled and recyclable pen manufactured locally. This reduces GHG emissions by 80% compared to a pen imported from the other side of the planet. It has been eco-designed to reduce its environmental impact: the ciklo uses materials that have... read more

We donate 1% of our profits to Team for the planet 🌎 to fight climate change