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how to recycle my ciklo?

Recycling a plastic pen may vary depending on the recycling facilities available in your area. Here are some general steps you can follow:

  1. Disassembly: If possible, disassemble the pen into its different parts (the body, the ink cartridge, the cap, etc.). The pens are designed to be easily disassembled

  2. Material separation: Sort the different parts of the pen according to the materials. For example, the body of the pen is made of plastic, while the ink cartridge may contain different materials like metal.

  3. Check local recycling instructions: Find out about the specific recycling rules in your area. Some areas may accept plastic from pens into the regular recycling stream, while others may have specific recycling centers for smaller plastic items like pens.

  4. Place it in the correct recycling container: If recycling of plastic pens is supported in your area, place the individual parts of the pen in the appropriate recycling containers.

If local recycling does not support plastic pens or you cannot find specific information about pen recycling, you may want to consider alternative methods, such as reusing pen components for other creative projects or arts, or look for specific recycling programs for pens and writing instruments in your area.