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ciklo is the first pen designed, sourced and manufactured in Quebec from post-consumer recycled plastic and which is recyclable.

Its local manufacturing reduces GHG emissions by 99% compared to a pen manufactured on the other side of the planet.

According to Statistics Canada, we import an average of 145 million pens per year into the country. These pens represent thousands of kilometers traveled without forgetting a significant amount of plastic and other non-recoverable parts that end up in landfills.

As a designer, kotmo (the company behind ciklo)'s main mission is to eco-design sustainable and locally made promotional objects. Constant customer demand motivated the design team to find the most eco-friendly pen possible.

raw material

The pen shell is made from post-consumer recycled polypropylene (PP). This reduces the environmental impact linked to the raw material by 40% compared to a pen made from recycled plastic bottles (PET).

social engagement

The ciklo was placed in the hands of nine local companies including two social reintegration companies, a cooperative, a women-owned business, a family business and a certified B Corp company.

Design and manufacturing

After more than three years of research, collaborations with players in the manufacturing industry and several (many!)
trial and error, the kotmo design team arrived at the design of the final model of the ciklo. This is done by bringing together different companies local locations that kotmo has implemented a new production/manufacturing line in order to ensure a product of quality and continue its mission to revolutionize the promotional item industry.

the ciklo pen at retail

After seeing the success of the ciklo pen at the corporate level, it was decided to offer ciklo at retail in order to be able to offer a solution to each person wishing to have an impact on the pollutants generated by an industry producing more than 3 billion ballpoint pens per year. ! A leader in this industry has produced more than 100 billion pens since 1950, which represents 320,000 round trips to the moon 🌝!
Using ciklo on a daily basis means involving an already existing plastic and then re-injecting it into a network that can recycle it!